Core Values

Core Values


We believe that the Gospel is the only truth that genuinely changes our heart. The Gospel shows us that God is far more awesome and holy than we ever imagined and yet far more gracious and loving than we ever could have hoped. The Gospel tells us that we are accepted by God, and because of that we can love and desire Him. We are committed to keeping our church focused on the Gospel at all costs


The Gospel leads to a life of grace. We believe that grace is our greatest motivation for realness with God, with ourselves and with our neighbors. The Gospel of Grace brings freedom, humility, confidence, peace, and a desire for goodness.


The Church must know, understand and love her community. We seek to be Kingdom-focused not Church-focused. The Church does not exist for herself but for God… for His Glory and His Kingdom.


We desire that everything we do has a purpose that is in line with our vision and core values. We seek to be guided by Biblical principles and not by strategies. We seek to be energized by Christ’s presence, not drained by Church activities

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